• How the easyfind protection works for your SwissPass

    easyfind is a find service available throughout Switzerland and Europe in cooperation with VÖV, SBB and partners. In the event of a find made by an involved lost and found office, SBB or a partner, as well as a citizen, you as the owner of the SwissPass will be automatically informed.

    The activation of the easyfind-service for your SwissPass is free of charge for the first year due to the cooperation with the Union of Public Transport and SBB. This service will automatically expire after the first year, if you don’t extend it!

    • SwissPass is registered at www.easyfind.com or directly from the SwissPass portal.
    • The found SwissPass can either be registered on www.easyfind.com, handed in at the lost and found office of the city/municipality, at the lost and found office of the SBB or partners.
    • Your SwissPass and wallet will return to you!